First day
Arrival at the centre in the afternoon hours. We are located in an oasis between three rivers. Unwind in
Three Canyons Centre surrounded by the sound of chirping birds and burbling rivers. Be sure to rest well
before an exciting, adrenaline-packed day ahead of you.

20.00 – 21.30. Dinnertime
Spend the rest of your evening taking a walk, hiking, fishing, relaxing by the fire…
Overnight stay

Second day

Enjoy your breakfast in the relaxed atmosphere of our restaurant. Breakfast will be served up until
Preparation for rafting – All the participants get full rafting equipment including neoprene suits and
boots, anoraks, helmets and life jackets.

11.30. Short and exciting ride in our off-road vehicle to the starting point (Brstanovica). Next on the
itinerary is making teams, getting to know the skipper, receiving paddling instructions. Rafts have
capacity up to 10 people and following instructions is of crucial importance for your safety.

12.00. Rafting through the most attractive part of Tara River in the length of 18 km, with plenty of
exciting thrills– such as cascades (waterfalls) cells and Vjernovića ranked with 5; Borovi, Varda, Cegrlo
categorized with 4, and the other 17 categories 2-3). Rafting lasts for about 3.5 to 4 hours with breaks
for swimming and relaxation on Kulina, Manita Šipčanickom springs and creek.

16.00. Arrival at the centre where you can take a shower and change into dry and clean clothes. This trip
ends with a delicious lunch made of domestic specialties (appetizer, soup, salad, veil under the sac or a
vegetarian dish, grilled trout).

Price 85 € per person


Price includes:

  • Transport (by a jeep or a van) from Three Canyons to the river and back
  • Three meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch)
  • Accommodation
  • Guide services
  • Rafting
  • Rafting equipment
  • tax for rafting
  • local tax
  • insurance
  • parking

What to bring?

  • Swimsuit, dry clothes
  • Jumper and warm clothes for chilly night by the rivers

Price does not include additional services and all other expenses not covered by the program.