After a rafting adventure, a hiking trip will be perfect to relax and unwind before returning to everyday life.

8.30 Breakfast; Sit back and relax listening to the sounds of burbling rivers as you enjoy the dishes of our local cuisine.

9.00 Getting to know your guide who will be more than happy to answer all your questions during the trip.

9.30 The trail wends its way from our centre through leafy woodland to the Zagradje Monastery. The Zagradje Monastery, an endowment of Herceg Stefan Vukcich Kosacha, was built in the the 15 th century. The church was dedicated to the Saint John the Baptist. The Zagradje Monastery is located above junction of the Piva and Tara river which create the Drina river. This Monastery is one of the most glorious monuments of the rulers Kosaca family. It was often mentioned by very famous writers and historians as a unique achievement of the medieval church architecture of the Balkans.

Price 40 € per person.
  Price includes:
  • Trained guide
  • Meals (a breakfast and a lunch)
  • parking

Price does not include additional services and all other expenses not covered by the program.